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Considering that gay people reportedly only make up less than 10 percent of the population, our dating pool is significantly limited when you look at it this way. Then you have to sift through compatibility factors attraction, values alignment, personality, sexual style, etc.

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Is it any wonder why there are so many single gay men frustrated with the difficulties in finding a quality catch? While quality is more important than quantity, the chances of finding a suitable mate are increased when immersed in an area where there is a larger pool of dating candidates to meet and screen.

21 Dating Struggles Gay Men Face In Their Twenties

It is still possible to find a boyfriend when living in a small community. However, it will likely be more challenging based on the lower numbers and invisibility of these men in these areas. If you have the opportunity and means to move your life to an area where there is a higher concentration of gay residents, this could be an advantageous decision. Some cities topping the list include Washington, D. Here you can write a detailed profile that contains your personal requirements for a partner and relationship in a way that attracts qualified prospects.

You might never know that hot guy living across town was even gay if not for the availability of these online dating sites, and now more opportunities abound for meeting others in your local area that was never possible before the Internet. Apps like Grindr can be very advantageous dating tools because of their capability of showing geographical distance between.

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Be very clear in your profile about what you are seeking to weed out those individuals only looking for sex. Advertise online, in newspapers, on Meetup.

So what are your thoughts about this dilemma? Should you move or stay put? What has your experience been? Go to each app's page on the IOS or Android platforms and see what actual customers have to say.

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And you could go cross-eyed trying to keep the data straight. That's why our team put together the first list of gay apps ranked by the millions of people who've rated them on IOS and Android. Our methodology: We went to each app's page on the IOS and Android platforms and got two pieces of data--average ratings and the of reviews. Then we developed a weighted average between the two platforms there are WAY more gay app users on Android than IOS and the differences in opinion were sometimes startling.

The result? Take a look:. Hence, the 4. Therefore, we ranked it accordingly.