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The older you get, the smaller your dating pool gets. Well, most of us are. Because then, you have no leverage, no selling point when it comes to dating. The more money you have, the more options in terms of dating you have, because a lot of gay people will overlook their prerequisites if you have money. Well, not just gay people…. Age generally does not seem to be a major issue for many, as long as it is with a legal and consensual adult.

On people in relationships with a notable age difference the likes of Somizi and Mohale, for example , some agree that the assumptions and backlash the couple have received is unfair. Alutha Tshezi, 24, Cape Town. As we grow older, we get to experience more, specifically more trauma in the form of rejection and heart breaks; and I believe this happens more rapidly and commonly for queer people, especially in the early twenties. The dating pool is limited generally within the gay community because desirability is based on certain standards of beauty, class and education , etc.

We are a shallow bunch and that makes it very difficult to widen our horizons when it comes to dating. The way the relationship is set up is actually quite common — a wealthy much older man, with a young and very beautiful partner — especially in entertainment.

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Having said that, I think people should just mind their business and let the couple be. Mncedisi Wotshela, 22, Bloemfontein So many gay guys hide under preferences and we tend to not open our minds but we say we are.

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We tend to think with our penis more than our minds. I love Somizi. More than 50 million people use Tinder , and chances are you're going to see someone who you work with on the app.

Because of its popularity, Tinder is the app people love to hate. This doesn't mean the haters don't have a point, but in general, the quality of people you find on Tinder is no better or worse than you'll find anywhere else. Have faith! Best for men looking for a relationships. Chappy Free version: Yes See Details. Chappy is the latest app to cater to the relationship-seeking crowd among gay men.

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  • In , Chappy was introduced in three major cities: Los Angeles, London, and New York. Chappy brands itself as an app that caters to three demographics — people who are looking for long term relationships "Mr. Right" , those who are looking something more casual "Mr. Right Now" and those who don't know what they want "Mr. Who Knows". It's unclear whether Chappy will produce longer and more satisfying relationships for me than traditional apps like Grindr.

    If nothing else, the app at least gives people the illusion that such a partnership is in their future. Delusions schelusions, we'll take it. Chappy is relatively small and young in app terms, so don't expect the overpopulated dating pool you might find on Grindr or Scruff. The app requires users to have Facebook for verification purposes, so it won't work for those who've rightfully abandoned the platform. You're disproportionately likely to find people like this on the app. Chappy is free to download, though as their user base grows, so too might potential in-app purchases.

    Best for inclusivity. A-List Basic: Yes A-List Premium: It would be great if someone developed more queer- and trans-specific dating apps. It's also not likely to happen anytime soon, due to the scale of investment required and the audience served. Dating apps need lots and lots of users to be successful, and with Tinder and OkCupid already sort of serving the community, I don't expect new ones to make major inroads anytime soon.

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    However, OkCupid was impressively much faster than other apps to expand their orientation and gender identity options. In , OkCupid began offering their users more than a dozen different ways to identify. The app currently offers users 22 different genders and 13 orientations to choose from, and also includes helpful descriptions of each for folks who are unfamiliar with this kind of stuff. Several of his interests actually align with my own liking hiking, camping and exploring the night sky.

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    Only time will tell. That will be my focus and consider anything else that becomes of it, a bonus.

    6 Smart Money Tips For Gay Couples

    The moral of my story, I guess is: I almost missed out on meeting an incredible person due to a silly self imposed age restricted guideline. Keep an open mind. Seek a friend first.

    Smile often and laugh more. It works!

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    Ive stareted dating a man who is 20 years younger than me. He is 49 and I am He has an amazing career, owns his own home has bought a seaside cottage and is a mature man. I am 69 retired from my profession as an Architect and have been a full time Real Estate agent for two years as a second career. I own my own home and tcare of all my own finances and have an adult daughter who I love dearly and is on her own.

    My new relationship is touching me deeply and he is feeling the same. I am tired of hearing that I am too OLD. Why is there such ageism in the gay community? I am not dating a man in his 20s. I am dating a mature beautiful man who has carved out a life for himself. Whats going on? By the way my BFF is Is there something in that? Thank You. Your email address will not be published. Gay San Diego updated their cover photo. Now at your local news stand or visit us online at gay-sd.

    All rights reserved. Saturday, April 13, Home Columns. Here is that column. Have a great mentor in your lover and feel secure with them. Encourage them to stay active and healthy. Keep your peer group friendships. Give what you can financially to the relationship. Accept and even celebrate your differences.