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Kmia84 - 26 Yrs. I was uncomfortable with the way she dismissed him. But Chapman said Caul would repeatedly implore: Chapman said she and Beth had an agreement not to walk home alone from work when Caul was there — and he always seemed to be there. Chapman and Beth had long talked about Caul making them uncomfortable. Surely, Chapman said, Beth would have mentioned hanging out with this guy when they next spoke. Lemmon was among that new Ardmore crew. She gave Beth a key to come and go over Christmas break, when the house was empty. Beth used the key plenty: She said finding a message from her slain friend hollowed her.

I remember going to the funeral and absolutely losing it — to the point they had to escort me out. Beth not only had lived in the Ardmore house, but she was storing belongings there as she cleaned out Candlewood and readied to move to Cincinnati. Lemmon wonders: She went there all the time. No one interviewed notes hearing about either tidbit in their police statements, nor does anyone today remember having received that midnight phone call.

Baird, the lead detective, declined an interview with The Enquirer. Villella is one of few friends who said he believed police when they portrayed Young as a killer. He mentioned it to police back then: It was so silly, so reflexive. But isn't that how crazy things happen? Crehan suggested police get his alibi. None of that is noted in the police file. Villella told The Enquirer he was still home for winter break when he learned from the TV news that there'd been a murder in Oxford, that his good friend Beth was dead.

He wasn't asked in , so he arguably remains a question mark. She has scoured police reports in seemingly unrelated homicides for mentions of anyone remotely fitting his description — 5-feet-8, about pounds — and she has sensed his shadow hovering over slayings beyond Beth's. Some of those cases are long closed, convicted perpetrators in prison.

Could innocent men be behind bars for crimes Glascock committed? But Glascock's family says he was nothing more than a kind but troubled man who never harmed a soul, no matter how bizarre his behavior. And few would argue it wasn't bizarre: Glascock arrived, and that alone was odd. The two men barely knew each other, Young said. Young was confused by the visit but, his head still swimming from the murder charges he faced, he was too distracted to at first be concerned.

Then Glascock started talking.

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About Beth. About Young. He simply asked Glascock to leave. Instead, Glascock shoved a wrapped gift into his hands and told Young to open it. Young said he ripped away the delicate paper to reveal a pink pincushion.