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They are great choices and best of all are free for the guy looking for a rich man. All of these options are free for sugar babies so it might be worth a shot.

1. Go Shopping Where Rich Gay Men Shop

Rich gay men often enjoy being philanthropists — meaning they are generous and like to give back to the world. Not only is it a good trait to have but it is also a very smart one — great for public image and in some countries it even has tax benefits. Research these events and try and see if you can volunteer for one in order to get a free invitation otherwise think about purchasing a ticket as there is a chance you could get back your initial investment by meeting the gay rich man of your dreams.

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Your email address will not be published. Wink wink nudge nudge. Yeah, it begins to grate after awhile, even when a multi hundred million dollar fortune is behind Door 1. The Prince also had liberal sensibilities about integrity. We had an agreement, very pragmatic, based on why men broke up: Our agreement was invite the other if you meet someone or directly tell the other if you engage sexually with someone and practice safe sex. He broke several aspects of our agreement and then blamed me for his lack of integrity so I threw him out. Then I cursed out God. My Prince, literally a Prince!

Thanks, God, thanks. Hardware had parental issues and was a bit of a control freak. I never have but I can testify that several guys, younger have tried to out slick me, and I just watch them…and move on. Or like a cat with a gerbil, I play with them. Play, play, play. A waitress at a roadside diner is serving a tuxedo-ed rich man who has stopped for gas in his Mercedes.

He tells her because she works in a diner, next to a gas station, on the side of the road, on the highway. People, men and women, stand on a corner and wait for a meteorite to hit, thinking because of their desire, probabilities will increase. Not every man that I met was appropriate for me but I kept meeting more and more and I realized it was because I was going to targeted places. Poor men, bluntly, go to places they can afford and so do well heeled men. You have to consider the economic levels and interests of men with more. Now they might want to fuck you, sure, but they also want something of quality, they can afford to purchase a quickie.

They loved it! I was at a Finance Seminar at Columbia a few months ago, it was packed. About 75 of us in a huge classroom and the guy at the front of the room was giving a lecture and showing slides and I looked around and there were a few women, a handful of obvious younger students and a few Asian and East Indian people but about 50 of the attendees and this was free were White men over 40…and more germane to this conversation—-they were in beautiful silk suits, casual good clothing, Patek Philipe watches, that were made of the best and most precious minerals on Earth.

Professional networkers and mixers: Where did you study to learn how to do that?

Car dealerships: Try to know a little something about the exhibit before you go but remember the wilder the artist the more diverse a crowd it will attract. Especially aim for intensely pop culture artists and LGBT artists to meet eligible men. Go with a notebook and spend afternoons there. The Alexander McQueen exhibit, that a friend dragged me to, was like gay man honey and went on for weeks.

Dating A Rich Guy

There are always clothing, fashion, etc. Art shows: Try to bone up on the artists a little bit before arriving. In all of my workshops on dating, a mandatory exercise is to incorporate one of these places into your weekly rotation. The men will be more physical and perhaps more direct but they will also be more open and chatty. And had a nice date or two. MSM often avoid such places, like sports bars for fear that it will turn into high school again with bullies but adult conformity changes that. Golf Ranges: Let them teach you about their world, Good Men love doing that.

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Tennis Courts: You want to always be honest about your ability but at the same time be open to trying. The movement, adrenaline, and gusto will make you shine and give off very attractive energy. Yoga Classes: Everyone is relaxed, and then everyone is invigorated. Try pairing this as your daytime weekend activity before trying some new event in the eveningthis will help relax you deeply to alleviate anxiety. Dating Events: This is one of those things that maybe you do every other week. Sometimes there are dinners, speed dating, Trivial Pursuit nights, and computer matchmaking.

You want to be in the center of that energy.

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I like to living life with reality and too much fun with friends and family. Rohini delhi , North West Delhi , Delhi. Arya samaj road , Mathura , Uttar Pradesh. Andergam , Baramulla , Jammu and Kashmir. Mansa , Mansa , Punjab. I am - and handsome I am man and looking indian rich woman but she one a care me and no issue she is married or unmarried.

Howrah , Howrah , West Bengal. A royal gay play boy Man with brown hair , with brown eyes, tall. Badheri , Muzaffarnagar , Uttar Pradesh. A boy I am student garedueat. Kanpur, delhi , South Delhi , Delhi. Smart and good looking.

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